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2014-04-23 Aleksander ŁukaszMerging in actions branch
2014-04-23 Aleksander Łukaszeditor: actions implementation
2013-12-02 Aleksander Łukaszwip: first integration of rewritten engine into canvas
2013-10-09 Aleksander Łukaszfirst approach to wlxml library
2013-10-09 Aleksander Łukaszlinting
2013-09-13 Aleksander ŁukaszRefactoring: cleaning directories structure
2013-09-13 Aleksander ŁukaszRefactoring: aliasing requirejs module names
2013-09-13 Aleksander ŁukaszRefactoring: getting rid of old 'test3' regexp for...
2013-07-05 Aleksander Łukaszcanvas3 wip - testing simple api, children
2013-07-01 Aleksander ŁukaszmetaWidget for nodePane module
2013-07-01 Aleksander ŁukaszConverting end of lines from crlf to lf
2013-06-20 Aleksander ŁukaszExperimenting with higher level canvas api
2013-06-18 Aleksander Łukasztesting wip: using requirejs
2013-06-18 Aleksander Łukasztesting wip - exposing chai.assert
2013-06-18 Aleksander Łukasztesting wip: mocha.conf.js