editor: fixing handling nodeTextChange on text nodes belonging to custom-rendered...
[fnpeditor.git] / src / fnpjs /
2014-04-23 Aleksander ŁukaszMerging in actions branch
2014-04-23 Aleksander Łukaszfnpjs: actions - action returns via callback
2014-04-23 Aleksander Łukaszfnpjs: actions - handle exception in action.getState...
2014-04-23 Aleksander Łukaszfnpjs: Action - refactor update*Params
2014-04-23 Aleksander Łukaszfnpjs: actions
2014-04-03 Aleksander Łukaszfnpjs: better exceptions logging in console handler
2014-03-21 Aleksander Łukaszfnpjs: datetime
2014-03-05 Aleksander Łukaszfnpjs: logging - fixing console handler
2013-12-31 Aleksander Łukaszlogging: change default formatter to noop, fixes tests
2013-12-31 Aleksander Łukaszlogging: basic formatters support
2013-12-31 Aleksander Łukaszlogging: console handler
2013-12-31 Aleksander Łukaszlogging: fix in ravenjs handler
2013-12-30 Aleksander Łukaszlogging: Raven handler fixes
2013-12-30 Aleksander Łukaszlogging: pass logger name to the handler
2013-12-30 Aleksander Łukaszeditor: pass through logging configuration to the logge...
2013-12-30 Aleksander Łukaszlogging: Raven handler
2013-12-30 Aleksander ŁukaszSimple logging api inspired by Python logging module
2013-12-15 Aleksander Łukaszintegration wip: setting editor configuration from...
2013-12-15 Aleksander Łukaszeditor: first take on plugins, core plugin with breakCo...
2013-12-02 Aleksander Łukaszlinting
2013-09-13 Aleksander ŁukaszRefactoring: cleaning directories structure