editor: fixing handling nodeTextChange on text nodes belonging to custom-rendered...
[fnpeditor.git] / libs /
2013-12-15 Aleksander ŁukaszCompile Bootstrap CSS on our own, include it into build...
2013-09-16 Aleksander Łukaszcleanup: moving vkbeautify.js to /libs
2013-07-01 Aleksander ŁukaszmetaWidget for nodePane module
2013-06-18 Aleksander Łukasztesting wip: karma + chai
2013-06-05 Aleksander Łukaszwip: adding less.js
2013-06-03 Aleksander ŁukaszVisual editor wip: tabsManager modules uses tabs view
2013-05-29 Aleksander ŁukaszVisual editor: moving require.js to libs directory
2013-05-28 Aleksander ŁukaszVisual editor: Adapting for requirejs optimizer