editor: temporary fix for invalid answer values in new exercise.order items
[fnpeditor.git] / package.json
2014-07-15 Aleksander ŁukaszUpdate jshint
2014-07-15 Aleksander Łukaszgit pre-commit hook that lints js code
2013-12-15 Aleksander ŁukaszCompile Bootstrap CSS on our own, include it into build...
2013-12-15 Aleksander Łukaszintegration wip: copy Bootstrap to build directory...
2013-12-15 Aleksander Łukaszintegration wip: install local copy of grunt-cli
2013-12-15 Aleksander ŁukaszUpdate grunt's jshint task
2013-10-09 Aleksander Łukaszpackage.json update
2013-06-30 Aleksander ŁukaszAdding jshint grunt task
2013-06-30 Aleksander ŁukaszBuilding js & css for editor with r.js/lessc via grunt...